miercuri, 25 septembrie 2013

the first guitar lesson...

Music is everything around us, is everywhere, it's all over, myself I could not live without music, life would be bleak without music, I wanted to know to play an  instrument  whatever was that, until today it was not possible, reasons are not important, is  now the  moment, the rest is history, it's good to live in the present, no regrets.
I bought this guitar 5 years ago,being a fan of classic rock ..... my time has come!
I had to take a test, we were 12 girls- boys,, the test was held at a state school, no age limit...  lucky me, I was selected!
   The Guitar is a ”REGHIN ” Romanian production  made around 1979, at  that time it cost a small fortune,  my teacher  tested  and she got the conclusion  that she's  a good one,and worth to fix it,she have a  deep and clear sound, good and dry wood, good grip, it depends on me know to fix  the smallest  big issues, and  learn to play..... fast!

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