vineri, 31 mai 2013


is a square bag with antisock insulation, interior light colored, lively.
After more than a year I reviewed one of the bags made ​​from the same leather bag like this ... has acquired a patina "so beautiful that I have no words. unfortunately left only a small bag .. if

miercuri, 22 mai 2013


 BICYCLE!!!BIiiiiCYCLEee!!! I want to ride  my BICYCLE!!!

Natural colored with  factory brawn pigment   on the outside are hand painted with black leather paint for waterproofing and esthetics. will stand on a street bicycle.  Front corner is angled cut ...serves as a  distinctive design  and  a functional one - to not hang your heel in your purse when pedalling.simpelas that.
I love the contrast  between  Brown edges and  black matte! especially I have not painted the edges, because I like very much. size 25x33x9,5

marți, 21 mai 2013

stylish shoulder bag for men- daily bag

 one of my favorite models, a simple model, with straight lines with a tendency toward business class, but tricky to execute altough it seems simple. sewn by hand with synthetic thread very close to the color of the leather for a bit tone of elegance..
a daily bag!

Appel MacBook-cream leather envelope

the simplest object that I've done. leather on the inside and the outside is hand

sewn with waxed thread 0, 8 mm