luni, 2 septembrie 2013


When YOU GET YOUR OPPORTUNITY, you have to take advantage of it,and  fully tasted of every kind,style, do not  miss the chance. .....I sad to myself!
   in the pictures I present  you - ”the Grany” she  has only ” 32-year-old,(don't listen to me, she is a Beast) ,she will suffer  a complete transformation.
took  a ride today, she put I smile on my face!
Many thanks to the owner,with whom I became a very good friend and  partner,without whom this day was just one normal, and transformed in a special one, for me, the start of a beautiful project!

thank you!!!!

from the begin its obviously that  It will be a long project, summer is ending, autumn  ITS almost here, I can hear it knocking on the door ....

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