vineri, 29 iulie 2011

Appel Iphone4 leather case

on the edges you can see the brawn an the black leather on very nice contrast whit White wax thread, I jut kove it!

black interior leather to.

miercuri, 27 iulie 2011

stylish vintage leather case for Navigator

curelusa tot din piele subtire fina pentru a nu zgiria displayul, prin intermediul caruia se trage afara tel.

telefonul sta fix in toc nepermitind miscarea luyi in situatia in care persoana care-l poarta alearga sau sare,in acest caz fiind nevoie de curelusa de tragere a tel afara din toc, evident  si practica in acelasi timp.

Toc din piele a nu se confunda cu husa, piele dubla interior exterior. se pot executa tocuri pentru orice fel telefon, Ipod, tocuri aparate foto compacte digitale, tocuRi pentru DSLR....

luni, 25 iulie 2011

messenger yelow bag- mystery braid belt

thin belt for key's, you just simply put the key's in the secure ring, when you're in a hurry, grab the belt and pull over the kye's, no need to look the keys in the bag

mystery braid belt! I looked a few decades to know how to do this type of braiding, thank you Mrs from  AOSLEATHER

marți, 19 iulie 2011

red!!!! mini leather bag

makes me happy just looking at it.

This is for my wife for her birthday present, Happy Birthday my happiness!.
I could say, "I reserved all the copyright, is forbidden to copy this product," Damn! we live in a free world, everybody does what he wants .....on  it's responsibility, hahahahaha

luni, 11 iulie 2011

small leather bag, 100% Handcraft

100% Handcraft,skin pattern cut, hole by hole, stitching, everything is processed manually, time manufacturing about 20-24 hours.
On request we can perform other models, different colors, different sizes.
next episode ... a red bag

sa intelega toata lumea , se pot executa la comanda si alte modele, alte marimi si alte culori,borsete,  genti, gentute, tolbe, toc telefon, din  piele.