vineri, 23 august 2013

Charlies Custom Dnepr MT11 hand made PAN and T frame.

 A few days ago I was contacted by Charlie Harvin.

compare to an old  M seat or IJ, i'm not sure.

anti but slip

 all that we've seen for the first time in 2008, the Meeting of Socialiste and the Communist -7 SCARI-Brasov, and although I have not breathed a Word then NEITHER,and here we are again!
 it started like this: "I need a solo tractor  seat for an MT11 "
tractor seat.hahaa!
a million $ dude ,with large eciclopedic knowledge (I will stay more besides him, I'm sure that I will learn plenty of moto history).
the saddle  Pan  is hand-crafted,from sheet metal formed by hand beating , the T frame  that will ensure preservation of form and attach to the frame, executed from strips made of steel 30 x 5, 5 mm and TIG welding( I love'n  it!).
thanks for trusting me,and  as  I always, I hope to  not disappoint.

2 comentarii:

  1. From Chris,
    Very elegant proportions and shape for the saddle.
    Nice work as always!
    What is the thickness of the sheet metal for the seat pan

  2. thank's Chris!
    1.5 mm steel sheet. the pan shape was formed cold manual hammered and curved quite well(helps a lot). Myself I trying to intentionally deformed whit my 97 kg fat ass, however it kept well. with the T frame I insisted to reinforce the area where the curves are larger, to hold it in place.....if will be the case.