marți, 26 martie 2013

Springer Front End fork

 word before.
 This way I want to thank the one who appealed to my services and I am grateful for the chance, for trusting , and given me this opportunity.
I'm also  grateful to all those who have called to my services, those whom I have served, you need to know that it's a unique pleasurable sensation,  emotional,  accomplishment ,when I know that you are more than just satisfied.
 I am aware that the work takes longer than expected, but that's it! a well done job only so it can get,can be done.
enough for the moment whith  pupincurismele,(ass-kiss)-- it's just a metaphor!
springer fork front end, only steel was usedcold  rolled pipe  5mm and 4mm wall ,15mm steel sheet, bronze bushings, hardened steel pivot axle, front wheel axle from a planetary shaft.
bolts with high quenching. unfinished!

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