luni, 28 ianuarie 2013

z-bar -devil's horn

if you put the name "Draku" to your bike, ( my friend George's ride), some devil horns are in order.
  working with high quality material, 22mm pipe with 3.3 mm wall in thickness; excellent composition. it behaved perfectly while welding and bending. it was a pleasure to work on this handlebar....together!

not a big fan of polishing so I handed over the task to my "right hand man", to complete the job.

After that,from a front fender  we made three useful things. front fender, rear fender and third ...... surprise!
They were'n my ideas, the handle bar and the fender. I just made'em​; the fender was just cut off.
  a bit sad because it was only for one day ...or two.
 but everything came out beautiful!!

gusset plates at the top of the bars, for a higher resistance.

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