duminică, 15 ianuarie 2012

my hometown

my hometown.
a city with a noble architecture houses mostly dating back over 100 years, few decades have served as homes nationalized houses offered at that time. It's an issue that I delight but delight me the coolest is this river called "  "CRISUL Repede" for free translate- Fast River. I NEVERE  understand ho or what given this name, it is not fast at all.
crosses the city divided in two, he crosses over seven bridges plus one that is under construction in the 7, the municipality has consolidated the banks that are seen in pictures, one of the bridges being widened to four lanes, one built from scratch and more one under construction. I can say that was more than could be done with these leaders and the city has the image he has, and is a beautiful one.

images that you will see yellow ..... in one of the images is a pair of glasses, you deduct from that cause.

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